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Amateur Gemstone Faceting is a two-volume book with almost 900 pages and well over 300,000 words. There are bound to be mistakes (but with any luck, nothing too bad – you should see some of the howlers I caught in the proofs...)

This page lists a hopefully short list of errors that made it into the print version. You can help keep this collection up to date, and future editions will contain your input. Send your corrections and suggestions to

Corrections and Comments

(ordered by chapter and page)


Chapter 1.6, Volume 1, page 12 - The numbering is incorrect at the bottom of the page. The chapter entitled "Faceting Machines" is in fact, Chapter 2 (thanks to Dave for finding this!).


Volume 1, page 29 & 46 - Page 29 notes that I am aware of only 3 manufacturers of platform type machines located in the USA, Brazil, and Japan, yet page 46 mentions an Italian manufacturer. Thanks to Carlo for spotting this.


Volume 1, page 209, Figure 6-12 - “Portuguese” is misspelled (shame on me and shame on my spell checker).


Chapter 6.6.2, page 222 - Tim T. points out that the industry uses iridium, not platinum crucibles for the Czochralski method. Corundum has a higher melting temperature (2050° C) than platinum (1770° C), but luckily iridium (2450° C) is higher still.


Chapter 7.6.4, Volume 1, page 280 - There is an error in Step 4. The index opposite 16 on a 96-tooth gear is 64 (thanks to RA for spotting this!).


Chapter 12, Volume 2, page 136 - The caption for Table 12-12 is incorrect. There are no bracketed values indicating the number of distinct cleavage directions. This information is available in the tables in Vargas' Faceting for Amateurs or from the websites listed in Chapter 15.8.6.


Chapter 19, Volume 2, page 353, Figure 19-42 - The last sentence should read “outside-in,” not “inside-out.” Thanks to Bruce N. for spotting this.


Chapter 19, Volume 2, page 370, Figure 19-79 - The GemCAD output of Blinder can make it difficult to discern the labeling of some facets. Note that the arrows pointing to P11 and P12 are a bit short. P11 and P12 are the culet facets. Thanks to Bruce N. for pointing this out.


Chapter 20, Volume 2, page 398 - Nanotec appears to have ceased offering the HEDS-6545 encoder. There are compatible products from Avago / Agilent and US Digital. See here for a discussion.

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