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This page tries to give you an impression of the content of Amateur Gemstone Faceting. Click on the links below to see sample text and figures, as well as the title page of each of the 20 chapters in the book.

Other pages on this site, in particular the chapter-by-chapter summaries of  Volume 1 and Volume 2, will also convey a sense of the breadth and scope of Amateur Gemstone Faceting.

NOTE: To conserve bandwidth and reduce download times, the following samples contain reduced resolution images and fonts. The print version includes only high quality, 300 dot-per-inch reproductions.

Volume 1: The Essentials Volume 2: Expanding Your Horizons

Chapter 10 - Gemstone Mathematics and Geometry
Title Page
Chapter 10.4 Gemstone “Capture Cones” (2 pages)
Chapter 10.7 Mirror Image vs Radial Symmetry (2 pages)
Chapter 10.8.2 Using the Length Ratios to Fit Designs to Rough


Chapter 11 - Gemstone Optics
Title Page
Chapter 11.4 Refraction
Chapter 11.8 Surface Reflections and Luster
Chapter 11.9.2 A Light Ray's 3D Journey…

Chapter 12 - Gem Material Properties
Title Page
Chapter 12.4 Birefringence and Pleochroism
Chapter 12.10 Crystal Systems and Habits (2 pages)
Chapter 12.12 An Inclusion Potpourri (2 pages)

Chapter 13 - Gemstone Treatments
Title Page
Chapter 13.1 Colour Treatment (2 pages)


Chapter 14 - Common Gem Materials
Title Page
Chapter 14.1 Beryl Material and Faceting Properties


Chapter 15 - Faceting on Your Computer
Title Page
Chapter 15.3 GemCAD “Skies”
Chapter 15.3 Gem Design and Optimization Software
Chapter 15.5 3D Gemstone Rendering Tutorial

Chapter 16 - Designing Your Own Gemstone
Title Page
Chapter 16.2.1 Mixing and Matching Crown and Pavilion
Chapter 16.5.4 Size and Distribution of Sparkle
Chapter 16.6 Miscellaneous Gem Design Tips

Chapter 17 - Establishing the Gem Outline
Title Page
Chapter 17.3.3 Real-World CAM Outlining (2 pages)
Chapter 17.3.3 Standard versus “Clever CAM” Cutting
Chapter 17.4.5 Real-World OMNI and CLAM Outlining (2 pages)


Chapter 18 - Case Study: The Briar Rose
Title Page
Chapter 18.2.3 Turning the Gem Outline into a Princess (2 pages)
Chapter 18.5 Gem Optimization Targets and Real-World BOG

Chapter 19 - New Gemstone Designs
Title Page
Chapter 19.1.5 The CLAMour Gem Design (2 pages)

Chapter 20 - Do It Yourself Projects for the Frugal Faceter
Title Page
Chapter 20.2 Building a Density Measuring Device
Chapter 20.8.3 Mounting the Digital Angle Encoder
Chapter 20.8.7 The Mark II Digital Angle Encoder Upgrade (2 pages)


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