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Online Gemology Courses and Learning Material





























These websites provide encyclopedic information on gem species, minerals, and localities:


  A kid's guide to identifying gemstones. Thanks to Rachel!








This section contains links to the manufacturers of the most popular current faceting machines. To track down other hardware, consult Chapter 2.8.











This section lists manufacturers of specific products mentioned in this book.


Findings and Mountings:

Immersion Fluids for both refractive index (Chapter 4.5) and density (page 121):









Gem Design and Optimization Software






Software for three-dimensional rendering (Section 15.4):






Virtualization / Emulation Tools - These programs let you run Microsoft Windows within another operating system (see page 192).


Free online tools for creating your own video tutorials (see page 191):












Various depth of cut indicator implementations (see Chapter 20.7).



Faceting Machine Alignment:



Build your own faceting machine:




True Miscellany:






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